Only in America

Only in America do we ask our writers to believe they don’t matter as a condition of writing. It is time to end this.

Alexander Chee
On Becoming an American Writer

If you are blocked right now, read this essay.
If what you are writing looks like crap, read this essay. 
If you are writing well, but wonder if it really matters because it sure feels like End Times, read this essay. 
If you have lost a friend, and wish you could still speak to them, read this essay. 
If your friend has abandoned their art, send them this essay.
Then have them send it back to you, just in case.

This essay: It's fuel for the journey. Novelist and essayist Alexander Chee talks about dead friends, dental implants, the Iraq war, remembered snowstorms, and making something new. I finished reading it and immediately started over again. It's a diamond sparkling sharp in my heavy heart. 

Go make something new, and tell me about it