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Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Martha Garvey

I write content.  And I help make it better. I write web pages, plays, scripts, books, essays. While writing can be solitary, I really really love being part of a team. I know. Everybody says they dig collaboration. But I'm the oldest of five sisters, all born about 18 months apart.  It's genetic, the connecting.

My work has been published in Salon, Bust, Killing the Buddha, the New York Times, and RewireMe, as well as multiple editions of Best American Erotica. Her books, My Fat Cat and My Fat Dog were published by Hatherleigh/Healthy Living Press. By day I write for the web and create content strategy for large organizations, including Accenture, Reuters, the Clinton Foundation, and the General Services Administration.  

I have a crush on the entire cast of The Good Place, and highly recommend you watch it. It will make you a better person. 

I have a TinyLetter about coffee and dogs and These Kids Today doing amazing things. Please visit!



For book things: Contact my agent, Stephany Evans at evans dot stephany At gmail dot com